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Re: Apple's Developer Transition Kit

On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 23:59 -0300, Rogério Brito wrote:
> On Jun 09 2005, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> > I'm not sure at all that I will continue maintaining linux support on x86
> > based Macs. I'm not really motivated at this point.
> Ok, the next question then: are you still motivated to maintain the PPC
> based Macs or did you loose the interest given the recent announcement of
> migration to x86?

I'm still there for those guys. Heh, I have plenty of them and they work
fairly well for my needs today :) Besides, I still work for IBM doing
PowerPC linux stuff.

> I wouldn't like to be an orphan in this area and, due to monetary reasons,
> I think that I will still keep my iBook 2 (Late 2001) and my old PowerMac
> 9500/180MP that I just upgraded with a recent donation of a G3 card.
> I think that while I can contribute to things in userspace (perhaps in very
> high level languages), kernelspace is really not the place where I know
> anything about.
> This doesn't mean that I can't learn how to program in kernelspace, but
> absorbing the ever-changing data structures used in Linux is quite time
> consuming (and I thank you for keeping up with that) and right now I have
> (for work reasons) to spend my time in other things (and things have been
> quite hectic here to the point were my health is not in its prime, to use
> an understatement).
> What we could have is a project to clone BenH. Or maybe he being paid by
> IBM to give training on how the kernel works and what are the intrinsic
> things regarding the PowerPC architecture that are worth noting for the
> development of the platform. :-)

It would be definitely useful for others to start grasping a bit about
how the PowerMac hardware works ;) I could use help in many places


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