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DWL G122

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get a DWL G122 usb wireless adapter working on an iBook
14". I've heard i can't use the ndiswrapper since i'm on ppc, so i found
around this BSD driver port:


and i downloaded it.
I am actually running a 2.6.12-rc6 kernel, and the module, following the
prcedure explained in the README file, compiled well. I can modprobe it,
but even if i get both the wlan and the ural modules up, the card is not
turning on (ie: no lights from the led it is supposed to come from).

I think that maybe i'm missing some crucial usb-networking module, but i
can't figure out wich.

Can anyone who had experiecne with this card help me?

        Andrea Lusuardi aka UoVoBW 
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