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Re: TV-out with Mac Mini

On 6/7/05, Jack Ryan <jfk980124@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Hello,
> did anybody succeeded in using the apple dvi->svideo
> adapter under Linux? The best I got while playing with
> the X11 modelines was a B&W distorded picture.
> I already tried most of the modelines I could find on
> the net.
> I don't have MacOS installed so I cannot test but some
> other people have the same problem as me but get it to
> work under MacOS.

Hi there,

Since I get this question a couple of times a month (my name turns up
as the first hit on google :)), I'll explain how far I got:

- Conventional PAL/NTSC modelines do not work. Don't bother trying
them, because I found about 300 distinct ones on google, and they all
don't work (even with the ForceMinDotClock option).
- I tried installing OSX and generating the modeline using a tool
called DisplayConfigX, but that tool doesn't support Interlaced modes
and thus generates a lot of garbage for the vertical parameters..
- MacOSX seems to be able to automatically detect the video adapter,
the only thing you need to tell it's is whether it is PAL/NTSC. It
works flawlessly (at least on the three TV's I tried it on).
- Fedora 4 is fully supported on the Mac Mini (with the exception of
the wireless card), it might be worth checking if they support it
(that's a todo on my list).

Maybe you can share the modeline you are using to get a black/white
distorted image, and we can work from there. And please do report when
anyone gets this working!

Good luck,

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