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Re: Getting Flash support on Sarge

On 6/6/05, David Schleef <ds@schleef.org> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 02:34:52AM -0400, Nathan Thrower wrote:
> > I want to get a Flash plugin to run under Sarge. 
> apt-get install swf-player

I agree that swf-player seems to work better than the others -- at
least it doesn't crash as much. But are there any tricks to getting
swf-player to work when it doesn't? I think it used to work
(sometimes) in Firefox about six months ago, but most of the time I
only get a blank grey area in browser pages since then.

I've gone through some of the tests listed at
http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/ but it seems like something is
missing, and I probably didn't see it among all the information on the
gstreamer site. Can I get some sort of debug information from the
browser plugin when it's running?

P.S.: I just reinstalled the totem-gstreamer package. When I play a
file called userfriendly.swf (cartoon movie) in totem, the audio
plays, but the image is extremely blurred as if some sort of effect is
being applied. I don't see any useful error messages on the command

I tried it again in Firefox 1.0.4, and I just get the empty grey
rectangle. I just tried again in Mozilla 1.7.8 and discovered that
userfriendly.swf DOES play there ...

So maybe I need to check the Firefox plugin... ?

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