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ibook g4 battery status/blankscreen problems

Hi all !

I'm running 2.6.12-rc4 kernel on my ibook G4. It works quite fine but I
have still some little bug. Since I'm using 2.6.12-rc4, when I close the
lid with AC connected, the screen becomes blank, then I open the lid but
the screen keeps blank, I need to press fn+F1 fn+F2 to blank out the
Then when booting my ibook without battery, the kernel seems to believe
the battery is connected but not AC, so cpufreqd scale down the CPU
frequency, and harddrive automaticly stops after 10seconds of
inactivity. To fix it I need to put the battery in and disconnect AC
power, then I can reconnect AC and remove the battery everything works
fine. I always had this problem since earliest sleep patch (2.6.9).

I hope this would be fix soon for a really perfect support of ibooks
under linux ;)


Lionel Landwerlin / Dj-Death djdeath@gmx.fr

"Lourd c'est bien
Lourd c'est plus fiable
S'il marche pas, on peut toujours assommer avec !"
Boris le Hachoir

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