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Re: [Debian-ppc64-devel] ppc64 pseries 2.6.11-2 .deb kernel available.

On Sat, May 28, 2005 at 04:15:39PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> Hello all,
> Thanks to the great job of Jeff Bailey and Matthias Klose, who provided a set
> of gcc-3.4/glibc-2.3.5 based biarch toolchain, i have managed to build a first
> ppc64 kernel package, which is available at :
>   http://people.debian.org/~luther/ppc64

Ok, i have done a new build, which should fix the logical partition thingy,
but David please test, and also included the bi-arch toolchain, altough there
may be a more recent one.

These are based on the ubuntu toolchain, altough i am not sure they actually
have it in their archive yet, but probably.

The archive is meant to be added to your apt sources, and will install fine on
top of sarge, the only contraint being that you need to use gcc-3.4, and gcc
will still be pointing to gcc-3.3, so you need to make the change by hand

So add to your apt sources :

  deb http://people.debian.org/~luther/ppc64 ./

And you can then :

  apt-get install kernel-image-2.6.11-pseries

As well as the rest of it you would like.

Compared to the older version, i have added the vscsi patch Cajus provided to
me (Cajus, do you know the upstream support of this one ?), altough it is
built as module, and need thus to be added to the initrd (in
/etc/mkinitrd/modules). We need to fix initrd-tools for this one, if it
doesn't work all by itself, which is probable. The other changes is enabling
some more LPAR option to fix David Gaya's problem on his lpar/hvc box, and i
would like to have feedback on this point before fidling the options more.

Please test, as as soon as sarge is out, i will actively push to have these
become the official sid kernels.

I will try to build a debian-installer using those, or at least start doing
daily builds once i have created the .udebs, but it will probably not know
about the vscsi thingy. Not sure if i will have time to fix this in the next
three weeks though, but we will see. Cajus, could you eventually do the adding
of the vscsi module to the kernel .udebs if we go that way ?


Sven Luther

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