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Regression with radeon support and kernel 2.6.12-rc5


I am experiencing a regression with 2.6.12-rc5 under my iBook G3 2.2.

The problems are as follows:

1. When switching from console to X, the X picture is redrawn color layer by
color layer, like an old 3d modeling program, recalculating the surfaces and
showing them as they are calculated. It takes around 1 second or 2 to get the
screen back.

2. When the screen dims to level 0, i am not able to recover it back. To the
point that blindly one i posted my root passwd on an open irc session i did
not remember having on one of the VTs. So the computer is on and works, but
the screen level is set to 0 and never recover. A sleep cycle does not help.

More info about the ibook itsend can be found from


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