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Re: iMac G5 Status?

> i have just tried a daily sarge businesscard on a powerbook g5. the installer
> works just fine using the install-power4 option. I could also resize the hpfs
> partition using parted (from the command line, and after having disabled the
> journaling in osx). 2.6.8-power4-smp and 2.6.11-power4-smp both work fine too.
> i am now trying to compile 2.6.12-rc5 using a config derived from debian's
> 2.6.11-power4, adding support for  smu, suspend, and cpufreq support, but i get
> a few errors, and a few questions too.

Are you living on a different space/time continuum ? :)

First, there is no such thing as a powerbook g5 yet ...

Then, if it's a g5 machine, no kernel supports suspend and cpufreq yet

Finally, the SMU support upstream is very basic, I rewrote the driver
but haven't merged the new one yet.

> first of all, how do i compile a ppc64, and what do i need to boot/use it? i
> have PPC_PMA64 and PPC64BRIDGE set, but include/asm points to
> include/asm-ppc64.

You need a biarch (32 & 64 bits) toolchain and make ARCH=ppc64

> > > o Analogue sound output?
> > 
> > Not yet.
> Ben, did you not say the -rc4 will have "analog work on some desktop G5" in a
> previous thread?

Yes, on some deskop G5s, but not on the iMac yet, it's a different chip.

> > > o Dynamic CPU clock scaling?
> > 
> > Will be there soon too. Probably along with Fan control.
> according to the warning in arch/ppc/platforms/pmac_cpufreq.c, using cpufreq on
> smp kernel is not a good idea. what is the status of this?  (btw, the
> ___save_processor_state call should be replaced by save_processor_state)
> and what about altivec support? is there no such thing anymore?

None of that code in arch/ppc/* is suitable for ppc64 machines anyway,
you are mixing 32 and 64 bits kernel here. The cpufreq code isn't
working on any SMP machine at the moment anyways due to the way it
recalibrates the jiffies.

Altivec is supported on both 32 and 64 bits kernels.

> > > What is the best/easiest way to actually install debian on an imac?
> > > Should i be using the newfangled debian-installer release candidates, or 
> > > something else?
> > 
> > I suppose you want somebody to build you a 64 bits kernel with proper
> > SMU support and boot that with the debian install initrd...
> When CONFIG_PMAC_SMU is set, i get 

This option is not supported on 32 bits kernel, it's a Kconfig mistake
that it lets you turn it on.

> ater deactivating CONFIG_PMAC_SMU, i get:
> drivers/built-in.o(.pmac.text+0x37fc): In function `pmac_suspend_devices':
> : undefined reference to `pmac_tweak_clock_spreading'
> drivers/built-in.o(.pmac.text+0x39b8): In function `pmac_wakeup_devices':
> : undefined reference to `pmac_tweak_clock_spreading'
> which i still get after deactiving SWSUSPEND and USB SUSPEND

Just don't try to build 32 bits kernels for G5, this isn't supported
anymore and I will remove the option soon


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