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Re: Kernel image not recognized

On Thu, 2 Jun 2005, Federico 'Pain' Pistono wrote:

I've dowloaded the kernel linux-


$: cd /usr/src/
$: tar jxvf linux-
$: ln -sf linux- linux
$: cd linux
$: make menuconfig
$: make $: make modules
$: make modules_install
$: make bzImage
$: cp /arch/ppc/boot/images/vmlinux.elf-pmac /boot/vmlinux2.6.11.10

If you are doing this on a Macintosh, you don't need to "make bzImage" -
there is no size restriction on the loadable kernel on macs like there
is for older x86 machines (don't know about newer ones).  Just doing a
"make vmlinux" should be fine (and the "vmlinux" should be from the root
of the linux kernel source code directory).

If you're trying this on a PReP/CHRP/other non-Apple PowerPC machine,
the situation may be different.  Then, this list's archives and Debian
documentation are your best resources :)


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