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Re: following addresses had permanent fatal errors

> > > In January, Pascal Hakim (pasc) created the list d-l10n-ro@l.d.o as a
> > Quoting the Debian web site at http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/
> [...]
> > That way, complaints about bounces or odd unsubscribe trouble can always
> > be handled by the current list master, should Pascal collapse under the
> > load :-)
> As I said in a private mail to Pascal, I did contacted the listmasters
> at some time in the past, but I got no response, that's why I didn't
> suggest contacting listmasters@l.d.o

I just wanted to outline yet another way of getting list problems fixed;
some people might not want to post that stuff to the BTS (what with all
e-mail addresses preserved in full, for example). Pascal didn't reply to
my other mail (regarding the guy at siemens.com with a broken alias),
though he responded to the first one requesting tgall's suspension from
the list. Both sent to listmaster. Not responding but silently fixing
things is about par for Debian admins, IMPO.

Either way, posting that sort of complaint to the _list_ should be
strongly discouraged.


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