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Re: Which WLAN USB adapter should I buy for my ibook?

Sorry for incomplete answer ...

I removed osx from the powerbook (and from my mind).
I don't know if the 3com works on osx.
Leonardo Lanzi

Vivenzio Pagliari wrote:
Leonardo Lanzi <lanzi@fi.infn.it> schrieb am 20.05.05 16:33:01:


I have a 3Com "3CRUSB10075 OfficeConnect Wireless", ~ 50 EUR.

The CVS version of the driver from:
_works_ on Powerbook G4 12", as .11g, not at 100% (no monitor mode, no compatible with wpa-supplicant ...).

Hi Leonardo,

thanks for the hint. But I didn't find anything about MacOSX support of this
WLAN adapter on the 3Com site. Does the 3CRUSB10075 really work with
both Linux *and* MacOSX (10.3.9)?

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