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Re: Further XF86 trouble: startx -> no screens found

Mauro wrote:

On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 05:39 +0000, Nathan Thrower wrote:
Would I be able to run Xorg instead of XF86 with Debian Sarge? I can
use Ubuntu fine, and I know that runs Xorg. When using "apt-get install x-window-system", could I concievably use "apt-get install xorg" or something instead? If so, this could work.

Sure, you'd have to find out how to update your sources.list with the
right repository.  You might as well just install ubuntu for that matter
and avoid possible breakages.

As for working with what you got, you sure you have the sync rates
correct?  The driver?

Lastly, run dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 a few times with different
settings and try to run X.
If you only have one video card, don't specify it in XF86.config-4

Other than that I'm out of ideas.  Is this a pegasos?  I don't know
anything about this subset arch.


this is something I would conceivably want to do when I go back to Debian, so please let me know how it works. And I would think that if you installed Hoary from cdrom that you could mv your etc/apt/sources.list aside, create a new blank one and then use apt-cdrom, that's what I would try.

--Mike S

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