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Re: Opendarwin with Debian

> before I'd delve further down to understand what makes different kernels
> better for what reasons. So what's the deal with the Pistachio kernel...
> I saw that in the Debian archive. I see things in here about
> pre-virtualization, and was thinking about how to approach installing
> Xen for an upcoming project.
This is Debian's Gnu-Hurd http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/
> That should be the March based one.
> L4's, the replacement for Mach, structure is talked about
> here:http://people.debian.org/~neal/FOSDEM-2005/
> There are speeches where you can get a better idea of the Hurd issues
> than what I can do.
> I don't recall which speech I got my info from but it is the one with
> the native English speaker.
> Prof Lidtkie (sp?) was the one behind this drastic improvement behind
> the micro-kernel design but unfortunately he died unexpectedly.
> I hope this gives Hurd enough inertia to finish the work themselves.

If I recall, the mach was about 50% slower than linux, and the new L4 is
about 10% slower and there is a lot of room/ideas for improvement.  Also
consider that replacing a kernel and will be much more easier than the
the how to for kernels we face now.  I for one wellcome L4.
Unfortunately Gnu has missed on collectivising on the net for manpower
as linux has.

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