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OT - HP Surestore DAT40 & PM7600

Hi all,

(This is somewhat OT)

I'm trying to setup a PM7600 and a HP Surestore Dat 40GB as a backupserver for my mixed linux / appleOS network using bacula.

I need to find an appropiate scsi card, and after some hours of googling my head really spins. I cannot find much info on compatibility.

The surestore needs SCSI UW LVD or SCSI UW, I've found some nice second hand offerings for the adaptec 2940U2W and 2940UW - does anyone know if these cards will work on an pm7600 with debian sarge & bacula? - There seem to be 2 versions of these cards the AHA-2940U2W and APD-2940U2W being the windows/unix version and the apple version. Can both be used with debian/pm6700 or do I need a specific kind?

- has anyone made a setup with similar hardware (pm6700 & surestore40gb) and willing to share the experience

- and any pointers to good info are welcome.


Peter Teunissen

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