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Re: [PATCH] pmac: sound support for latest laptops

On 16 Apr 2005 at 22h04, Brian W. Carver wrote:


> And as an aside, does that therm_adt7467 module work 
> properly on the new Powerbooks? Since I've started using 
> this 2.6.12-rc2 kernel the fan seems to run non-stop. I 
> don't want the Powerbook to overheat, but I don't want the 
> fan to run unnecessarily either.

It should work ok, can you give a look at the different values in /sys/
devices/temperatures? Mainly

> Maybe I forgot to enable 
> cpufreq. Would that make a difference? Perhaps my 
> Powerbook is always running at 1.5GHz now. Thanks for any 
> ideas.

Maybe. cat /proc/cpuinfo to figure that out.


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