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Re: Debian 2.6.11 Kernel

Mike wrote:

>Well I compiled the Debian 2.6.11 kernel tonight, and I think that I
>must have done something wrong, because I can't even boot with it. It
>stops at trying to mount root fs, this is previously an error I only
>got when I booted an initrrd kernel without an initrd, or a regular
>kernel with an initrd image, so I am stuck, but for now my pillow is
>screaming at me, and I will poke at it some more in the morning, but,
>(I didn't expect it to) it wouldn't load the aty128 framebuffer
>correctly for me, screen still blanks when it tries to take control.

Something similar happened to me. I'm guessing you have a more recent
Mac that needs ATA 100 support for the kernel to find your hard disk.
This has to be compiled in and cannot be merely a module unless you're
using an initrd.img, which you probably don't want to do.

My strategy was to go through and compile in almost everything that said
"ATA" in it because I wasn't sure which kernel module covered my
controller/drive. This worked, but I'd welcome a more efficient solution.


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