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Re: acquiring an interrupt for swim3 floppy driver

I don't know if what I will say is orthogonal to the discussion that you're
having, but I noticed one thing: when using a 2.6 kernel (2.6.11 vanilla
here), I can't format a floppy with, say, superformat (from the fdutils

After I try to use superformat with /dev/fd0, I get messages telling me
that the device is busy and I can't do anything involving the drive
anymore. There are also some messages that I can't really remember right
now telling something about a bad ioctl being used (or returning an error).

(I'm not with the powermac right here to tell you the exact messages).

I am, obviously, using the swim3 driver, but one thing that I think is
strange is that I can use commands like "dd if=/dev/fd0 of=image.bin"
without any problems (provided, again, that I don't use superformat --
after using it, the drive is dead until the next reboot).

So, would this mean that the swim driver has a problem and/or fragility?

Thanks for any help, Rogério.

P.S.: The 2.6 kernels, even though compiled with very few options (almost
the strict minimum for it to work) and "optimized for size", are quite
larger than an equivalently compiled 2.4 kernel... Perhaps GCC isn't that
good (as it is, say, with x86) when compiling optimized for size on PPC?
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