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acquiring an interrupt for swim3 floppy driver

Hi Folks,

I was wondering what was the best/cleanest (and SMP-safe) way to grab
an interrupt ?  swim3 currently uses local_irq_enable, but from past
discussions on the list, it did not sound like it was SMP safe.  All
of the other local_irq_ code seems to be easily enough bracketed off
by equivalent spin lock functions, but I haven't found one that works
for just the irq_enable ...

I looked at floppy.c, and tried to backtrack where that driver got an
interrupt, and it went back to asm/floppy.h, which seemed to want hard
coded values for floppy IRQ and DMA, which I did not think we had to
do on PPC ?  So that was the dead end that brought me back here ...


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