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[OT] g5 power source questions

Recently I had four g5's with a burned power source (sorry, don't know if that's the actual translation, but it's the "transformer with the radiator and the `G5' on it" :-P). The technician said that it was because the UPS was delivering a square wave and not sine wave to the g5. The power source burned in this situation (all in the same way): there was a lost of power, the person using the g5 shut it down and then we disconnected the ups from the outlet. When the power came back, we reconnected the UPS and then turned on the g5. In that precise moment, the g5 power source exploded. We thought it was a problem of the UPS, but apparently it's not, and I'm thinking it could be a problem of the g5, because all the other equipments use the same kind of UPS (there are other common pcs, g4s and printers) and all of them are ok... anyone had some similiar experience?

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