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Re: Kernel-imaage-2.6.11

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, Sven Luther wrote:

On Sun, Apr 10, 2005 at 10:55:49PM -0700, Michael wrote:


And just to clarify I know it says this because I have booted with
video=ofonly, logged in, and then run startx, but the framebuffer I
am suposed to use is aty128fb.  But my fear is that if the
video=ofonly is passed to the kernel at login  that that will stop
the x-server from being able to access the aty128 framebuffer, could
someone tell me if my fears are justified in that?

Seems a reasonable conclusion. Since as far as i know, offb doesn't
let himself be unloaded for another framebuffer device to take on.

So I'm curious here myself - I've been using the "No video driver"
option in BootX for the last few years (ever since the 2.4 series) - but
I've gotten hardware acceleration in X.  And it IS there because when I
used my old AppleVision 1710 on the ATI and the 8500 on-board video
(which does not have hardware acceleration support) my eyes could tell -
judged by how quickly they became strained using X (less than half an
hour using X with the unsupported card, versus an entire day when the
ATI card drove the monitor).

Isn't the "No video driver" option in BootX equivalent to video=ofonly ?


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