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Re: sleep works in 2.6.12-rc2 (was Re: applying patch)

On Fri, Apr 08, 2005 at 11:05:36PM -0400, Tamas K Papp wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 09, 2005 at 12:33:15AM +0200, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> > Please:
> > Get 2.6.11. Nothing else. Not Unpack
> > 2.6.11. And apply 
> > <http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/testing/patch-2.6.12-rc2.bz2>
> > to 2.6.11. Not to ... :)
> Wolfgang,
> Thanks for your help.  

You're welcome :) ... And I'm definitely glad it worked ... :)

> I compiled a 2.6.12-rc2 kernel and I am happy to share that sleep
> now works on my powerbook5,4: the machine sleeps perfectly, wakes up
> perfectly, and usb devices are powered up every time.  I will test
> it more tomorrow, but it seems very sound.

As to the glitch you mentioned later: Please don't forget that the
code, or parts of it, that you have on your machine now is sort of
highly beta: The kernel folks say something like this themselves. You
can read it via the links on top of <http://www.kernel.org/>, to the
left of the links that lead to the kernel sources, patches etc. ...

E.g. 2.6.12-rc2 is a prepatch, and the explanation for what this is
reads like this on

"Prepatches may be poorly tested, and may in fact not work at all. Use
on your own risk; if you use one and run into a problem please see
Reporting Linux Kernel Bugs on the front page.

Prepatches with -rc in the name are considered release candidates and
may become full versions. It is therefore particularly important that
those get tested."

As mentioned above: More information on the various patches is
available on the kernel.org page ..

> I would like to thank all who made this possible.
> Tamas

Thanks for the feedback :)


Wolfgang Pfeiffer

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