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Re: [G5] Mirrored characters on the console [was Re: Problem compiling SMU driver]

> The problem is probably not much to solve, since characters are
> displayed properly in the first few seconds of the boot *until* the Tux
> logo kicks in (the logo is then fine, but the characters are swapped).
> Strangely enough too, the first pass of the Debian installer (the one
> installing the base system, before the first reboot) managed to display
> characters properly (I'm using the kernel I've compiled -- 2.6.12-r2 --
> since the one d-i picks by default -- 2.6.8-power4 I think -- hangs
> after the disk mount).
> Has anybody any idea of which option I could turn off in my kernel
> config?
> Thanks for the help!

Hrm... weird... could either be some problem with userland trying to
change the console font, or maybe some of the old problems with VGA
console vs. fbdev ... was your build really clean ? If you backup
your .config, do make distclean, restore .config, make oldconfig, and
rebuild, does it fix the problem ?

If not, try removing VGA console support


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