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Re: iBook G3 owners

First of all, the tests are done with all USB devices unplugged, before turn
on the iBook and with the kernel 2.6.12-rc1-bk6.

> Ok, several things to test here:
>  - First, did sleep/wakeup work previously ?
Yes, it did. For my working kernel (2.6.9 with no patches, take it from
www.kernel.org directly) sleep/wakeup works properly. The only problems there
are the known bugs derived from USB plugged devices. But I unplugged all USB
devices (usb-wireless, usb-mouse) before sleep, then wakeup, all works fine
and I can plug the USB devices again and continue working with no problems.

>  - Try without every going to X (boot in console mode) and tell me if
> sleep/wakeup works
I booted in console mode and it doesn't work. Furthermore, if I try go to X
from the console, the system crash exactly as if it had woken up after resume.

>  - Can you disable cpudyn and manually change the CPU speed (doing echo
> "powersave" or "performance" >/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/scaling_governor)
> and try sleep/wakeup in both low and high speed and tell me if both are
> crashing
In my system I have: "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor".
Well, both are crashing. I've removed cpudyn and manually I've checked out
those cases:
1) echo "powersave"... then resume/wakeup: crash at wakeup
2) echo "performance"... then resume/wakeup: crash at wakeup
3) I just boot and in console mode resume/wakeup: crash at wakeup

>  - Can you disable CONFIG_CPU_FREQ and tell me if it sleep/wakeup works
I've disabled CPU_FREQ and recompiled the kernel and it doesn't work. It
crash too, like in the other cases (black screen, no keyboard...) power
off through the turn-off button. :-(

> Thanks,
> Ben.
Thanks to you :-)

If you wanna I can test other kernels (original 2.6.11, or 2.6.10, or with
other patches) or whatever, no problem, just tell me.

Ok, now I've seen your other email. I check this out as soon as possible.


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