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Still trouble while trying to netboot a RS/6000 Mod. 7250-F50


I'm still trying to install Debian on my RS/6000 Mod. 7250-F50. 

My first problem that I reported at the end of last year) turned out to be related to ARP. I changed the ARP-table of my boot-server and the installer booted. I had problems booting into the Installer because of DEFAULT CATCH!-errors. On my machine the kernel changes real-base and load-base and does a reboot. But the system isn't usable anymore, no OS will boot. This error vanished after I installed another 256 Megs of memory (which makes a total of 768 Megs installed...)
I solved a "CLAIM failed" issue by using netboot-minimal, but it's possible to use normal netboot images by hexediting the initrd, as described in Bug#279370 on Debian-Kernel (please make sure to check the reply if you're interested, because one value is wrong).

Afterwards the installer got stuck at "returning 0x0001000 from prom_init". I found a few forum posts dealing with this issue on other Distros, all state that the installer in question relies on a framebuffer device. Well, my RS/6000 is headless, it isn't equipped with a graphic board... I decided to take a Matrox Millenium II-PCI out of one of my PowerMacs. On the next boot, the machine came up with the message "Opening display /pci@bfe00000/MTRX,Mistral/@1... failed". The last message is the one above.

So, I wonder what to do next. Obviously the board registered with the OF-Device tree. Is there anything I need to do in order the get the board working on the RS/6000? Or doesn't the Debian installer (I think I used the one found in http://people.debian.org/~luther/d-i/sarge/images/daily/powerpc/netboot-minimal/2.4/) support a fbmatrox? Anyway, I would like the installer to allow me to install without any graphic board.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :-)

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