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Re: hotplug, udev, usb/ide/scsi volumes

On Sat, Apr 02, 2005 at 12:09:26AM -0500, Matt Price wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> OK, I think I'm making some progress.  I reckon there were two kinds
> of problems in my case:
> 1) usb not working: the newer 2.6 kernels seem to need to have the usb
> modules (hid, uhci, ehci, etc) explicitly declared ("statically
> linked"?) in /etc/modules.  Once that's done I can get usb working
> fine, which means I can type in my password n single-user mode --
> which makes everything way easier!

Hi Matt,

I've just read up a bit about [EOU]HCI. EHCI is the driver for USB2.0
compliant devices, but it always needs a "companion controller" driver,
or else USB1.1 devices won't be recognized. That must have been the
problem in your case: Your web config shows EHCI=y, OHCI=m, UHCI=n.
So unless OHCI is explicitly loaded during bootup via /etc/modules,
slow (USB1.1) devices don't work.

> 2) hotplug/udev not working:  when udev and hotplug packages are
> installed, devices of the type /dev/[h|s]d[a|b|c...][1-9] are not
> automatically generated; when the kernel tries to mount my non-root
> partitions after udev has been activated, it fails and dumps me into
> single-user mode.  From there I can /etc/init.d/udev stop, and
> continue with the boot...  

I didn't know you were using udev (the web-posted config doesn't show
that) - I've had much trouble with devfs and udev myself, so my first
advice would've been to switch back to a "static" /dev. ;-)
Sadly I don't know enough about udev's internals to diagnose your or
my problem there...



Jan C. Nordholz
<jckn At gmx net>

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