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Re: pre-release 2.6.11-0.1 debian/powerpc kernel

I have installed Sven's 2.6.11-0.3 on a 15" Albook (2004).

When waking up, it
- moves CD (which I consider normal, kernel does that when booting)
- beeps
- moves CD again (screen lights)
Sometimes it looks as though the system received a keypress, eg on
console I see a ~ which I did not type.

Sound workd perfectly.

My USB mouse sometimes works when opening the lid, sometimes not (I
have to close and open again).  When it does not work, it is not
powered (the red laser does not light).  If pinning down the
systematic nature of this error would help, I can keep on testing
(unplug before closing lid, plug in while sleeping, etc), just let me


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