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Re: list of PowerMac sound hardware TO-DO (help welcome)

>> > > works and what is broken for each supported sound hardware? Such a
>> table
>> > > could go a long way towards helping whoever will pocket the $500
>> Ubuntu
>> > > bounty for fixing ALSA for all pmac sound hardware variants.
>> >
>> > Not exactly, you are welcome to start such a table though :)
>> This is what I have so far:
>> 				------works y/n------
>> CHIPSET         MODELS          BEEP            ALSA
>> awacs
>> burgundy        G3 iMac         no              no
>> daca
>> keywest
>> tumbler

If you go into alsamixer it tells you what chipset is in use.


My old iBook (blue clamshell - one usb one firewire) is awacs
works in alsa, but headphone detection is manual only

My new(er) iBook (ibook 2, dual usb, firewire, g3 500) is tumbler
and seems to have the best mac sound support thus far, alsa works
and headphone detection does also. so does beeping. although putting the
bass or treble up over ~50 causes terrible distortion from the inbult

My iMac (DV) works with alsa. Dont know the chipset (i put macosx on
there) and headphone detection causes spasms - i reported it on alsa bugs
but that was almost a waste of time. That combined with the cpu not being
gutsy enough to play dvd's caused me to buy macosx and put it on. Making
sound work properly and giving me the dvd function i wanted. So all in all
it cost me less and a small tv + dvd with the advantage or being a

We really need someone to sit down and focus on sound. Once again my
enthusiasm is high but by knowledge is low and my time is also. Stupid
Uni, Stupid being young and chasing girls. Stupid girls costing money.


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