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Re: pre-release 2.6.11-0.1 debian/powerpc kernel.

> I tried the kernel on my G4 aluminium (1.33 GHz, 2004) powerbook, but
> the screen was flickering and there was a "ghost image" approx. 5 cm
> to the right of the real one, so everything was unreadable (same
> phenomenon both in X and the console) I rebooted and didn't test
> anything else.  If there is an obvious workaround/setting, or any
> debug information I can send, please let me know.

PLL fails to lock properly ... Happens occasionally.

Boot again; the problem might be gone already. If it isn't:
Close the lid (forcing the pb to sleep) then reopen the lid. The
flickering should be gone now. If it isn't, there's something broken
beyond the usual.


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