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Re: Optimizing boot times

Wee-Jin Goh <wjgoh@brookes.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've run out of things to tweak on my Powerbook, so I thought that I'd
> try to improve the boot times :-)
> Currently, on my 1.33 GHz 12", Debian takes about 2 minutes to boot.
> What are they steps I need to take to cut this down? What services can I
> safely disable (exim4?)?

Removing mail completely isn't a good idea. But on a host, where you only
send mail, not receive it via smtp, you can disable the mailer damon. It
is invoked by your mail client.

If you need a mailer damon, but not very often, you can start it with
inetd on demand. This saves time while booting.

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