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Re: Mirroring disks (almost) between hosts


have you looked at http://www.drbd.org/ ?


On Fri, 2005-03-11 at 13:07 -0800, Paul J. Lucas wrote:
>  	I've been looking at the Linux High-Availability stuff
>  	(www.linux-ha.org), but, in addition to that, I also want to
>  	have a master server mirror all its files over to a slave
>  	server so that if the master dies, the slave will be (mostly)
>  	up-to-date in terms of files.
>  	The two servers are of identicle hardware; each has its own
>  	internal disk.
>  	The files that are mirrored would be everything except those
>  	files that shouldn't be mirrored, e.g., /etc/network/interfaces.
>  	Is there software to do this kind of mirroring?
>  	- Paul

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