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New Powerbook 12" No HD found (ATA 100)


Long-time Debian user. First-time PPC user.

I'm following the Debian installation instructions at http://www.mathematik.uni-marburg.de/~schmidtm/apple/powerbook.en.php

and when I get into the Debian install screens it cannot find my hard disk. This is apparently because the old linux.bin I'm using doesn't have ATA 100 support. The fix for this was a pre-compiled kernel that USED to be available at http://valla.uchicago.edu/ppc/vmlinux-pbg412.bz2 but which now returns 404 Not Found.

See prior discussion here:

I don't have the means to (or don't know how to) compile a replacement linux.bin file that would have ATA 100 support. Can someone do this and post it somewhere so I can continue this installation? Or is there some other simple solution? Thanks.

Brian (not-yet subscribed to list, but probably will soon)

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