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newer kernels and console video in 7300-8600 macs ?

Hey Folks,

Does anyone have console video working with any recent debian kernel
(2.4 or 2.6 line) on "Old World" Power Macs ?

I've tried both on-board video (the "control" device), an ATI card,
2.4.27 pmac kernels, 2.6.8 pmac kernels, and nothing seems to work.
I can use my own 2.4.27 (compiled from kernel.org sources), and the
kernel with the "testing" version of the debian installer allowed me
to go through that installer.  But other than that, when using a new
kernel, I have to log in "blind" and start X ...

Any pointers?  If I wanted to hack away at these drivers myself, how
or where do I start?


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