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Re: MSNBC_Auto_Response: Thank you for contacting TODAY with Katie Couric and Ma

Did you maybe ever heard about the phenomenon called 'SPAM'?

Replying to it made sure you get some more, so you can investigate the phenomenon even more...

;) Sorry for the sarcasm but it looks like SPAM to me, quite obvious.


On 21-feb-05, at 19:24, <froinds@bellsouth.net> wrote:

What the heck does this have to do with Debian Linux?

From: Susanluckedout@aol.com
Date: 2005/02/21 Mon AM 10:31:10 EST
To: today@MSNBC.COM
CC: debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: MSNBC_Auto_Response: Thank you for contacting TODAY with Katie Couric and Ma

thankyou for airing the segments on autism! I wrote and told you about myself and my 5 year old little boy! truly inspiring stories of all the parents with an autistic child! I hope that some day there will be a major breakthrough on autism! I am a single mother with four children with adam my 5 year old being the youngest! Adam has been in school since 3 years old and let me tell you the earlier that autism is detected in any child the better to start him in a special class for help! Adam is doing well but still not talking, still not toilet trained, but one step at a time! It,s a long road but the love you get back is the best feeling in the world! I can have a bad day, be crying, and Adam
is always there to pick me up! I live my life for him! Adam is a true
inspiration! I feel that Adam is a special little boy given to me from God! I wouln't want it any other way! I am Adam's soul care taker and I struggle some days and it can be really tough, and I feel that there could be some help out there for me! I can't take Adam into a store because he gets really upset! so I do my errands when he is in school! this week is school vacation. anyway keep up the great work and I am so glad that Autism is finally talked about!!!! great

thanks so
Susan L
Adam's mom

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