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Re: French keyboard PowerBook G4 ( alu ) with KDE

On Wednesday 16 February 2005 11:46, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> I've spent hours in xkb trying to get that right (I also have a french
> keyboard) and never got it 100%...
> The problem is that you can't really have the "option/alt" key be both
> used for the |,{,},... combos, _and_ be the real Alt key. I mean, you
> sort-of can define it that way, but you end up with apps like emacs who
> will decide it's Alt and thus can't be used to compose symbols...

I do believe that you can configure emacs to decide that a non-existent key is 
emacs-Alt, and so leave Alt alone for ISO_Level3_Shift.
To set emacs' A-alt to a non-existent Super, do this:
  (setq x-alt-keysym 'super)

However, I'm not sure that this will work for Motif apps.

> The problem is historically on how xlib apps interpret modifiers it
> seems.
> The best I got for now was to map "command/apple" to Meta, alt to
> ISO_Level3_Shift (you may need a recent enough X for that, like X.org,
> I'm not sure 4.3 in debian knows about ISO_Level3_Shift) so I can get
> the combos, and Fn-Alt to Alt (which makes the console switch a bit
> awkward, but I need it a lot less often than I need to type |,{,},...)

Debian X 4.3 does know about ISO_Level3_Shift.

> Note that it's still broken with ... latest emacs (xemacs is fine), it
> seems a recent patch to emacs broke it (that is emacs suddenly decided
> that ISO_Level3_Shift/Mod4 would be another Meta key... grrr...)

Perhaps explicitly setting emacs' M-Meta would help?
(setq x-meta-keysym 'meta)


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