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Re: French keyboard PowerBook G4 ( alu ) with KDE

Bruno Beaufils wrote:

I had got the same problem with either my old TiBook and my new AlBook (the
one with ATI 9600 graphic card).

My solution was to bypass all those new stuff not well documented (XKB)
and use plain old Xmodmap.

I create a customized version of an Xmodmap file and load it as X starts.
It worked well for me with XFree86 (from debian archive), under WindowMaker,
and Gnome (I did not try KDE).

I just swap to use Xorg (from Ubuntu archive) since I need clone mode for
video-projection. Almost every keymap seems to work but I am now unable to
go back to console with CTRL+ALT+F1... I do not had time to look from
where comes the trouble for now.

My Xmodmap, used on my AlBook, is attached to this mail. Look at comments
at the beginning of the file there is some useful things about how to install
sitewide and about my customized mapping.

Hope it helps.

Hello Bruno,

thanks a lot for your email, you just made my day brighter since it works !!! I now have a usable keyboard, even with KDE ! I've recoved all these needed chars and i won't have to use KCharSelect anymore.
Thanks again !

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