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Re: Linux-PPC, 802.11g, and B&W new world power mac, internal v.90 modems?

> I have a PC with an 802.11b wifi card running debian linux. Currently
> it's supported by the madwifi project, using the atheros chipset. It
> also requires a PCI 2.2 compliant motherboard. Does the B&W g3 have a
> pci compliant motherboard? Where can I find information like this
> about other mac models?

Take a look at Apple's developer docs for your particular mac.  I think
you might be out of luck though - I just had a quick look at the Xserve
developer PDF and it's slots are 2.1 (this is the G$ Xserve).

> Also, to what degree are the internal v.90 modems supported? What
> device do they usually show up as?

I think only the newer software based modems from conexant are not well
supported.  In the old G3s, that should still be a good ol' hardware
modem, and should show up as a serial port (/dev/ttyS[0-4]).


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