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powerpc 2.6.10-2 currently in NEW, available on p.d.o


I just uploaded the powerpc kernels 2.6.10-2 on :


Since they are currently held hostage in NEW again :).

Anyway, everyone can get those and try them out. One particularity i want you
to test is the /etc/kernel/postinst.d/* scripts included in this package.

It will look at the subarch it is installed on, and create the vmlinuz kernel
with mkvmlinuz if needed, or ask a debconf question at priority medium to
choose the bootloader if there are more than one possible, defaulting to know
sane values (yaboot on chrp-rs6k and newworld, quik on oldworld, mkvmlinuz on
prep, chrp and chrp_pegasos, nothing on other arches).

I would like especially the yaboot and quik maintainer to take a look at it,
and maybe Jens also, not sure though, and start a discussion on how to best
continue on the integration path, so that the choice of the bootloader to run
will be chosen by this kernel-image postinst, and not directly by some other
strange rule which may be wrong (quik tries to do stuff on boxes it should not
for example). Alternatively, the boot-loaders could provide their own
/etc/kernel/postinst.d/* rules, check the kernel-image-powerpc/bootloaders
debconf variable, and if they are chosen do the sensible thing.

So, comments are welcome on this.


Sven Luther

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