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Re: 802.11{b|g} pcmcia network adapter suggestions

John Harrold wrote:
I was wondering if anyone here could suggest an 802.11 b or g pcmcia device
which works well with debian on the powerpc. I suppose I could get a usb
device, but I don't really want the thing hanging off the computer.

I've just ordered the D-Link DWL-AG650 (802.11a/b/g) which is reported to have the Atheros AR5212 chip.

It'll arrive on Friday so will let you know if it works on my G4 alubook.

Netgear WG511U (a/b/g, Atheros) is reported to work on a TiBook (2005/02/03).

Netgear WG511T (b/g, Atheros) is reported to work on Debian PPC (2004/09/03)

Up to date info on Prism cards is here:

With the difficulty of obtaining older versions of Prism cards, Atheros may be the way to go...


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