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Re: 802.11{b|g} pcmcia network adapter suggestions


John Harrold a écrit :
I was wondering if anyone here could suggest an 802.11 b or g pcmcia device
which works well with debian on the powerpc. I suppose I could get a usb
device, but I don't really want the thing hanging off the computer.

I actually use NetGear WG511 (V1) with Prism54G chipset. Works great on my powerbook (alu 15"). With MOL, you can even share the network, and both use it on Linux *and* on Mac OSX :-)

Be carefull : V1, not V2, since the chipset is not the same.

eric bachard

eric bachard 	<ericb@openoffice.org>
French OpenOffice.org Community contributor (build of french releases for Linux PPC and Mac OS X / X11)
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