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TiBook lid/screen wrenched, wires exposed

After two years and a couple months, I broke it.

Each hinge has three parts (two part of base, the central one part of
the lid/screen).

I tripped over the power cord in the dark (never tripped over it before)
and it came crashing down, with the lid open.  It was on.  The screen
was white.  I powered down by holding the power button down for 10+

I can see the wires coming from the body to the lid.  Must have some
plastic, invisi-sheen insulation, since I don't see any. (Uh oh?).


1. Any chance it can be fixed?  I currently live in New Hampshire, and
am very far from any Apple store, or having the money to pay for the
repair (well, my phat new job starts someday, I'm just not sure when).

2. Any chance I can boot without "activating" (or sending any power to)
the lid/screen?  (Running latest 2.6.9 from debian, no patches, seemed
to sleep fine, almost all the time).=20


P.S. I remember when I got it.  My first laptop in years.  It was late
at night, and I'd been drinking.  Every time I put my hands on the
keyboard, the fan would blow up at my clammy palms, and the feeling was
quite disturbing.  I wrote a harried message to Ben, asking if somehow a
bad kernel config could be causing my brand new baby to generate an
electric field.  He probably thought I was a certified 'tard after that.

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