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disk partition questions

Greetings - I would like to install debian testing in my 12" powerbook,
configured to dual boot os x and debian and without blowing away my
existing os x installation.  (yes, I have my files backed up but I'd
rather not reinstall everything if possible.)  This system appears to
have only two partitions a 32 KB Apple_Bootstrap partition and the rest
as an HFS+ partition.  I successfully resized the HFS+ partition using
the commercial iPartition, to make room for linux but now I see that the
existing bootstrap partition is not big enough.  I booted the debian net
installer from CD and went to the partitioning step.  The summary tells
me I have the following partitions:

32.3 KB
47.7 GB  hfs+ Macintosh HD

the 32.2 KB partition should be the existing bootstrap but is not being
reported as such by the installer.  There is 134 MB of free space
reported between the partitions - can I simply expand the bootstrap
partition into this space?

the installer has a 'use largest continuous free space' option but the
documentation dosen't really say what it will do to the bootstrap
partition if I use this option.
Any suggestions on how to proceed are appreciated.

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