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external VGA ibook dual usb

Dear all

I have a iBook 14Ļ bought in early 2002. I have recently upgraded to sarge.
Everything seems to be running fine (kernel 2.4.25-ben1).
I do not have a good signal output from the external VGA.  I compiled Benīs
m3mirror.c and it is actually able to switch the output on and off. 
The fact is that the signal is completely blurred. 

What should I do?


Edoardo Pasca
Laboratorio di Criogenia 
Dipartimento di Fisica  Universita' di Firenze
Via G.Sansone 1 			Tel: 055 457 2006 / 457 2005
50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI) Italia	Fax: 055 4572122
http://landau.fi.infn.it		email: pasca@fi.infn.it

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