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Re: Buy benh (or other) a minimac Re: Hi question about mac - mini

given that ben paid a little out of his pocket
im sure it will payback a little and still count

ben will no doubt still be warmed by your donation ;)

looking forward to seeing some pics and some results


On Fri, February 11, 2005 7:47 pm, Philipp Käser said:
> hej ben,
>> Ok, I've revived the PayPal account, but it's causing me trouble as
>> it's locked to beeing in France, I can't seem to change my address to
>> Australia nor update the credit card info to something local here
>> in .au. So what I did was to open a new one with the email address
> me->transfer_money("benh"); /* me poor, him rich */
> sorry for being late -- I had to fill up the paypal account first.
> If its too late / too much for the mini, add it either to the
> "BenH-Beer'n'Pizza-Fund" or to the "G5-is-also-cool-Fund" :)
> bye,
> Philipp Käser
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