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Re: USB Stick wireless chipset overview

r0sk wrote:

Hi ppl:

I had recently bought an iBook 12" 1.2Ghz, I suposse all of you known that Airport Extreme hasn't got support on Linux, so I was thinking on buy one usb wireless card but dunno which is fully supported to work on Debian. Any tips?. Thanks in advice.

Status for 11b:

I have tried belkin 11b (external antenna) with atmel chipset, works on osx and on linux (debian)

Under linux all atmel chipsets work well, under osx only atmel |AT76C503A| with rfmd radio (Belkin F5D6050 , MA101 rev. b)

list of devices: http://at76c503a.berlios.de/devices.html

link for osx:
link for linux driver:

Status of usb2 11g cards:

I have a sityecom wl-113 with zd1211 and driver compiles but freezes kernel (probably due to endian related problems)

Ralink rt2500: USB gpl driver not yet ready, a sourceforge project is developing the driver Zydas zd1211: USB gpl driver for linux is ready, but It doesn't work on powerpc arch: www.sourceforge.net/projects/zd1211 (HELP WANTED)
PrismGT: USB gpl driver not yet ready, they are working on it.

Hope it helps

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