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Re: SCSI controller

On Monday 07 February 2005 23:13, Guglielmo Dapavo wrote:
> federica wrote:
> >ciao filippo forti
> >ho dei problemi kon linux
> >avevi detto ke nn si impallava mai!!!!!!

> English answer:
> You have just gotten in a room full of people crying some nonsense.... :-)
> In an International mailing list u have to talk in english and
> expecially You have to argumentate your matters with linux, maybe we can
> help you, do u have a mac with debian?, Which is exactly the problem you
> have?
> And please talk in english cause here we come from all over the world :-)

And please start a new thread if you have a new problem, rather than appending 
your stuff on the end of somebody elses', federica.


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