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Re: eject CD

El sáb, 05-02-2005 a las 02:44 -0800, atul shah escribió:
> Hello,
> I've recently installed Debian on a G4 Powerbook with
> a SuperDrive.  I have found that I can eject the CD
> using the command <eject> from the command line.
> But I am at a loss when, in the process of installing
> packages from a set of CDs, aptitude asks me to change
> the current CD.  There is no manual eject for this
> slot drive; and neither the eject/F12 nor the ctrl-E
> keystrokes will work.  How can I get the CD out?  Does
> aptitude have a hotkey for ejecting media?  Or is
> there a way to map the <eject> or <umount> commands to
> keystrokes that would remain available within
> aptitude?  I would really appreciate any answers
> and/or suggestions.

Try as 'root' or if you have 'sudo' configured for your default user:
'sudo eject'.

I think it's related to recent changes in scsi management in the kernel
(remember 'cdrecord' problems as a normal user?).

A. Corbi

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