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user mode linux on ppc32

Hi all,
some days ago lynuxworks.com guys made an announcement about their port
of uml on ppc32; after that Jeff Dike has received this work,
you can read his article on usermodelinux.org (there's also a patch
for uml on ppc64).

As you can see in Jeff's article the code he has received is a 28MB
tarball, i've downloaded it and tried to compile it "as is" without

According to Jeff i've started to "diff" the whole code;
i've sent him a patch, you can find it there:

Since there was an amount of history files (file.c~), .orig, .patched,
strange symlinks outside the source tree, great cuts of non i386/ppc code
and also looping links, i hope to have understood correctly their work
(if someone wants to check, i appreciate that)

Now, next step is splitting up the uml code from lynxos code (their RTOS)
and make it compiling somehow.

If you are interested in coding/testing it you can ask Jeff.
I think that he'll need an account on a ppc machine; perhaps Ben can send
him his new macmini :)


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			-- Leonard Brandwein

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