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Re: Starting-up a server automaticly

According to Adam Done, on Wed, 02 Feb 2005 13:17:30 -0800, 
>I have a server I would love to start-up all on its own just like OS X
>does.  I have been looking but I don't know if I am using the wrong key
>words to search.  Can someone direct me with some key words to search
>and is it possible in Linux to have a system start-up from a cold boot
>i.e. in the morning?
Hi Adam,

Can you give more details ?
Do you mean that you want to have the system auto-login a la win98 ?

Or do you mean that from a power-off state, the system boots directly to the login prompt
of linux, without any user keystroke ?
In this case, it depends of your bootloader I think. With yaboot, you just have to
put the right options in the configuration file.

Maybe you mean that you want to specify a time for the machine to boot ? I've seen some
threads about that on this list some times ago. It seemed to have a link with some
openfirmware commands for the PMU. 
I would really like to know if there have been progress on this point.


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