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Re: Oldworld G3 / Terratec EWX24/96 sounds terrible

According to Michael Jarosch, on Tue, 01 Feb 2005 02:35:16 +0100, 
>Hi there!
>I have a combination of a so called "beige" G3 and a Terratec EWX 24/96 
>with an Envy24-Chipset running an 2.6.7-Kernel (ALSA-Sound-Driver). The 
>module loads without any error but if f.e. the arts-soundserver wants to 
>play a sound, it almost sounds like a hanging CD but I can't recognize 
>anything from the original sound in it. I tried several Kernels (also 
>2.4.x), self-compiled and original Debian ones: Sound is always bad!
>The Terratec-Card is mainly build for Intel-PCs, which - as you all 
>might know - have a maximum of 16 IRQs. If the ice1712-module is loaded 
>into the kernel, "cat /proc/interrupts" prints out that the card's 
>working on Interrupt 25. My guess is (respectively I remember reading 
>something like this several months ago, that) several cards originally 
>manufactured for Intel-PCs can't handle with an interrupt higher than 15.
>So, I tried to find some documentation about any module-argument to 
>change the interrupt chosen by the mac. I knew there have been cards 
>with kernel-arguments for changing the interrupt, but that have been 
>only ISA-Cards. So: Does anyone know how to change an interrupt given to 
>a PCI-Card, especially on PowerMacs, specially on oldworld-PowerMacs?!?
>Well, of course: I might be totally wrong with my thoughts about the 
>interrupts. If anyone has a different explanation about my bad sound I 
>would greatly appreciate any help!
>Thanks a lot!

Did you try changing the pci slot ? It sometimes helped on my old pc...

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