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Re: Buy benh (or other) a minimac Re: Hi question about mac - mini

can you confirm that, $100 ?


Philipp Kaeser wrote:

count me in for another $50.

ideally it would be good if apple's store had some sort
of method of ordering and paying off. although they may
have figt vouchers (which would be the way to go). just
buy the gift voucher and send it to ben.

I did not see any voucher over at apples store, but you
could also buy it via amazon (just checked it, there is one).
However, I think it is simplest to paypal all the donations...

a) directly to benh, if he's got a paypal account
   (ben, we'd need your paypal data...)
b) to someone else having a paypal account and a credit card,
   he then would order the mini directly from the store and
   let it ship to benh (ben, your address... :) )

I'd prefer a). And I'd volounteer for b), if required...

Dean: are you going to compile a list of volounteers so far,
such as we know when there's enough donations? (or benh
will end up with a pile of minis and hack clustering stuff
instead of graphics drivers).

Philipp Käser

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